StepNpull comes in 3 Flavours

To match your decor / door furniture and desires we can supply you with the StepNpull in a variety of finishes, goto the shop to select them, dont forget to get enough for your male, female and disabled toilets.

Cruise Ship Outbreaks

Norovirus caught on Cruise ShipsHoliday cruises are considered one of life’s luxuries, so when stepping onboard, you want to make sure the entire trip is smooth and spectacular. Unfortunately, outbreaks of a bug called the ‘Norovirus’ have been reported recently on some ships.

The virus is passed from human to human, so a single, infected person boarding the ship can cause a mass contamination. The enclosed living space, no matter how vast the ship may be, causes the spread of the bug to happen more rapidly, resulting in a large amount of persons on board falling ill.

The virus can  be contracted from touching a surface where an infected person may touched previously where they could have left a trace of human faecesfrom inadequate hand washing and / or touching a contaminated ‘touchpoint’ like a toilet door handle. It is very difficult to prevent contamination as the virus thrives on such surfaces up to 2 weeks after initial contact.

Where studies have shown that 90% of people fail to wash their hands correctly, preventing unwanted and unnecessary outbreaks may seem impossible to maintain. However, by implementing StepNpull unto the doors of the cruise ship, you can reduce physical contact with the bug massively, resulting in a safer environment for all on board.

Innovative Products of the Year

Believe it or not there is awards for Bathroom Products that are launched and make an impact into the market and guess who featured in the 2012 awards – yes you guessed it us!

We are happy to know that our unique hands-free door opening device will make a positive impact to people’s health and well-being.

Very happy to say that we are one of the 5 most innovative bathroom products of 2012

Yukky Germs – What you can’t see

Yukky germs and bacteriaA recent study discovered that the humble sink topped other items in the toilet, as being the most bacterial infested;having over 1,000 colony forming units (CFUs). CFUs are an estimate of varying bacteria or fungus. It is used as a measuring tool to roughly understand the sum of different bugs found in 1 area.

Miraculously, bugs were located almost everywhere in the bathroom, aside from the soap dispenser.

Germs are mostly spread by the touching of infected surfaces and can break out up to 6 times further than they were originally located, and when, within 24 hours, 8 million cells are formed, it can be almost impossible not to pick up some of the bugs.

The soap dispenser may be antibacterial and therefore a beneficial clean after a visit to the loo, but studies found that we are still not washing our hands satisfactorily, resulting in the disposal of non-rinsed germs on door handles.

Protect yourself and others around you from harmful bugs by removing hand contact completely and installing a StepNpull onto the door: resulting in a smooth exit, totally germ free.

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