We open so many doors in a normal day, the motion is automatic. The only difficulty we may have is knowing whether to push or pull a door open, or if the door is too “heavy.”

Of course, most people’s experience is using their hand to open doors. More and more, people don’t want to touch a public door handle with their hands, especially toilet exit doors. So that habit has been altered for many. Some even grab the door handle with a paper towel. If paper towels are not available, a shirt sleeve may be used.

The automatic motion of opening a door with hands is also disrupted when a person is carrying items and can’t easily grab the door handle.

In short, many people have altered their automatic motion of opening a door from time to time. So, it would be easy for people to adjust to opening a door with a StepNpull® foot-operated door opener. In fact, after a couple of tries, they’ll prefer the StepNpull® to using their hands. The choice always remains hand or foot to open the door you are not taking away a choice by adding StepNpull® you are providing a choice not to grab germ infested handles

Here are the simple steps to using this one-of-a-kind hands-free door opener.

1. Each StepNpull you buy comes with a decal/sticker that is affixed to the top of the door handle. This lets the user know that a foot-operated door opener is available before they touch the door handle with their hand.

2. As they approach the door, they position their body no differently than if they were going to use the door handle.

3. The user places their foot on the top of the StepNpull®. If they would use their left hand to pull the door handle, they will use their left foot on the StepNpull®. If it’s more natural to use their right hand on the handle, they will use their right foot.

4. The user presses down on the StepNpull® just enough to gain traction. This will require a minimal amount of foot pressure.

5. Once they have traction, they simply pull their foot and leg back as though they were taking a step. Step and pull. It’s that simple!

If the door is adjusted to the correct ADA standards, the user will gain enough momentum will to swing the door open easily.

People are accustomed to opening a door with their hands so the first couple of times may feel a bit awkward, but users in your facilities will adapt quickly and use the StepNpull® every time.

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