Yukky germs and bacteriaA recent study discovered that the humble sink topped other items in the toilet, as being the most bacterial infested;having over 1,000 colony forming units (CFUs). CFUs are an estimate of varying bacteria or fungus. It is used as a measuring tool to roughly understand the sum of different bugs found in 1 area.

Miraculously, bugs were located almost everywhere in the bathroom, aside from the soap dispenser.

Germs are mostly spread by the touching of infected surfaces and can break out up to 6 times further than they were originally located, and when, within 24 hours, 8 million cells are formed, it can be almost impossible not to pick up some of the bugs.

The soap dispenser may be antibacterial and therefore a beneficial clean after a visit to the loo, but studies found that we are still not washing our hands satisfactorily, resulting in the disposal of non-rinsed germs on door handles.

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