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Flu virus can last up to 24 hours on a door handle!
Germ Facts!
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I in 4 people have faecal matter (poo) on their hands!
Alcohol rubs will not kill all germs

What is it?

It’s a new hands-free way to open a door by using your foot, allowing you to hygenically leave a toilet without touching the handle.

Effortless to Use

Manufacturered in the UK its Installed in minutes with a lifetime guarantee. Use a StepNpull and achieve germ free door use.

Scary Facts

A third of people don’t wash their hands when they use the toilet.  Then we pick up their germs as we exit the toilet using our hands to open the door.  Yuck.

The Foot Handle

If you wash your hands, why touch other people’s germs? Don’t spread germs and use StepNpull The Foot Handle.

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