StepNpull® The Foot Handle For Cruise Ships!

What is worse than being stricken with a stomach bug while you are on holiday?

Perhaps it is being quarantined on a cruise ship with hundreds of other passengers suffering from the same illness, we have all read the stories or heard in the news about ruined holidays on cruise ship outbreaks and now there is a simple innovation which eliminates 100% of hand to handle contamination on doors fitted with StepNpull® The Foot Handle and it is available to any cruise company for a low cost investment

Cruise Ship Outbreaks

Cruise Ship Outbreaks

Holiday cruises are considered one of life’s luxuries, so when stepping on-board, you want to make sure the entire trip is smooth and spectacular. Unfortunately, outbreaks of a bug called the ‘Norovirus’ have been reported recently on some ships.

The virus is passed from human to human, so a single, infected person boarding the ship can cause a mass contamination. The enclosed living space, no matter how vast the ship may be, causes the spread of the bug to happen more rapidly, resulting in a large amount of persons on board falling ill.

The virus can be contracted from touching a surface where an infected person may touched previously where they could have left a trace of human faeces from inadequate hand washing and / or touching a contaminated ‘touch-point’ like a toilet door handle. It is very difficult to prevent contamination as the virus thrives on such surfaces up to 2 weeks after initial contact.

Where studies have shown that 70% of people fail to wash their hands correctly, preventing unwanted and unnecessary outbreaks may seem impossible to maintain. However, by implementing StepNpull® The Foot Handle onto the doors of the cruise ship, you can reduce physical contact with the bug massively, resulting in a safer environment for all on board.

Cruise Ship Stepnpull

StepNpull® The Foot Handle is the right choice for your company

Pulls doors open with your foot, keeps clean hands clean!

Eliminates 100% of handle-to-hand germ transfer!

Effective to help prevent the spread of infection!

Healthy crew save their company time and money!

Happy passengers maintain brand reputation and spend more money

StepNpull® The Foot Handle

Stepnpull Opening Doors
Clean Hands

Keeping Clean hands Clean!

On land and at Sea!

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