What is StepNpull® The Foot Handle

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StepNpull® The Foot Handle is a unique but simple device which allows you to open a public toilet door hands free by using your foot.

It is a metal plate with a serrated lip which screws into the bottom of the door allowing a person to step on to it and pull the door open with their foot.

Made of recycled aluminium and with an anodised finished it is environmentally friendly.

The StepNpull® is made in Britain and built to last with a lifetime warranty.

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There are no hidden costs you are safe in the knowledge that you have put in place an effective way to reduce the impact that a dirty toilet door handle can have on your workforce, customers and within the community

It is easy to install in around 5 minutes and comes complete with fixing bolts and screws.


Simply put StepNpull® The Foot Handle is:

  • Effective to help prevent the  spread of infection
  • Low cost
  • No maintenance
  • Eco friendly
  • IMG_58021Easily installed
  • No hidden charges what you see is what you get
  • Complete with a life-time warranty
  • Made in Britain


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